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Isgus 2040 100 employee time clock
High Capacity self totaling time clock

Out of production. Supplies and service are still available.

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Isgus 2040

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Click 115 Surge ProtectorComputer Surge Protector$15.00
Click 257 Time Card Rack25 slot time card rack$31.00
Click 28 Isgus 2040 time cards, bx 1000Isgus 2040 time cards$89.00
Click 30 Isgus KeyIsgus Master Key$8.00
Click 31 Isgus time clock ribbonIsgus 2005/20/30/2040 ribbon$39.00
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Click 33 Isgus Replacement Power SupplyIsgus Power Supply$65.00


ISGUS 2040 250 employee time clock

The worlds most advanced
Fully Automatic Calculating Electronic Time Clock
Easy to read Bright Green Digital Clock Face
Can be set for 12 or 24 hour format

German designed hardware; European Technology.
Canadian and American Time Clock Servicing Dealers designed the program - it's the best of both worlds.



  1. 100 employee capacity
  2. IN-Punch rounding
  3. Card LOCK-OUT Zones
  4. Can be set to reject punches from 1 to 59 minutes, enforcing lunch breaks
  5. Red-zone printing for Late IN-punches, Late OUT-punches
  6. Adjusts for daylight savings, and so-on
  7. Punch lock-out can reject cards from duplicate punches, (or short lunches)
  8. Cost saving IN-Punch rounding zones
  9. In-Punch Lock-Out - flat out BLOCKS IN punches before the start time.
  10. Optional power pack runs for 4 hours/200 punches during power outages


Can be used for Job Costing over a 12 month period

Isgus 2040 100 Employee Time Clock Technical Specifications

  • On board battery protects program and time card records
  • Retains program memory for one year
  • Automatically updates for daylight savings, and also mathematically corrects any time cards that are in service at that time (people are on the clock between midnight and 4AM when DST occurs)
  • Returns to current, correct time when power is restored
  • Hang on Wall, or set on a table
  • Calculates Overtime
  • Prints in minutes, 10th's, or 100ths
  • Rounds to the nearest minute, 100th, or 1/4 hour
  • Can be preset to mark holidays on the card

Size:  14” tall, 8” wide, 6” deep
Installed Weight:  3 lbs
Power:  110VAC
Card Feed:  Top Load, Automatic Card Alignment