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TimeVue CD

TimeVue software CD, basic version with no upgrades. In stock.

Our Price: $75.00

TimeVue or TimeSource
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Replacement CD for TimeVue and TimeSource

Each software CD is custom burned and then encoded at the manufacturer.
It is always a custom order, and once placed, cannot be canclled.
To do this takes about two days, then it ships from Portland Oregon.
Standard shipping is 2 days on the West Coast, 4-5 Central, and 7 days on the East Coast.

Expedited shipping is available, after the two days to write and encode the software.
This is the initial 50 employee software. 
Icon will have the purchased modules for your software, by serial number, on file.
Your cost is $90 + $20 for each previously purchased upgrade.

During the checkout, you will see a section for “Comments”.  You must enter the serial number of the current software, found in HELP, About and also on the opening splash screen.