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Lathem LT5000 Quiet Document Stamp

Two Line Quiet Stamp for court houses, dispatch desks, and more. Nearly silent operation. Programmable print.

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Lathem LT5000 Quiet Court House Stamp

User programmable two line stamp, just insert the card or document, it prints in under two seconds, and prints TWO lines!

      Example:  ROCHESTER CLERK OF
                      COURT 2017 MAY 4:33PM
Lathem LT5000 Print Examples.jpg

This quiet automatic date time stamping machine can be SHARED by offices.

  • With mechanical stamps, you need separate brass plates for each department.
  • Because the LT5000 is user-programmable, you can easily change what it prints!
  • It also comes with four buttons. Each button saves a print file.
  • Press a button, it prints what you want.  
    Store up to 4 messages or departments.
              Lathem LT5000 Print Examples.jpg

Lathem LT5000 Quiet Court House and Dispatch Stamp

  • Updates automatically after power outages
  • Updates for leap year and for daylight savings
  • Retains memory for one month
  • Programmable for up to four unique two line messages
  • Quiet operation - no more loud SLAM or BANG when it prints
  • Prints on any document, up to 3 carbons deep


  • No brass wheels to adjust or replace
  • 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • 32f to 115f    0% to 95% humidity
  • UL Listed
  • Desk, cabinet, or wall mount.  Comes with rubber feet.
One Year Guarantee