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Lathem LT5000 Quiet Document Stamp

Two Line Quiet Stamp for court houses, dispatch desks, and more. Nearly silent operation. Programmable print.

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Lathem LT5000

This quiet automatic date time stamping machine can be SHARED by offices.

  • With mechanical stamps, you need separate brass plates for each department.
  • Because the LT5000 is user-programmable, you can easily change what it prints!
  • It also comes with four buttons. Each button saves a print file.
  • Press a button, it prints what you want.  
    Store up to 4 messages or departments.
  • The example below shows three different two-line prints, you can customize it.
              Lathem LT5000 Print Examples.jpg
How this works:  You enter the card or document the first time, it prints the top line.
Re-enter the document and align so that the second line prints below the first.

Otherwised, consider the Rapidprint automatic date time stamps (click on this line)

Lathem LT5000 Quiet Court House and Dispatch Stamp

  • Updates automatically after power outages
  • Updates for leap year and for daylight savings
  • Retains memory for one month
  • Programmable for up to four unique two line messages
  • Quiet operation - no more loud SLAM or BANG when it prints
  • Prints on any document, up to 3 carbons deep


  • No brass wheels to adjust or replace
  • 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • 32f to 115f    0% to 95% humidity
  • UL Listed
  • Desk, cabinet, or wall mount.  Comes with rubber feet.
One Year Guarantee