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HP 1000 Employee upgrade from 100 to 512
HP100 100 to 512 upgrade

HP 1000 capacity increase from 100, to 512 - maximum capablilty of HP1000 Hand Punch

Retail Price: $250.00
Our Price: $184.00
HP1000 Upgrade

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 167 HP 1000 Employee upgrade from 50 to 512HP Terminal 512 EM702$370.00


This is for the HP1000 only

Upgrades active employee capactiy from 100 to 512

Also available:  EM-702:  50 to 512   

In most cases, the software capacity should also be increased

It's just a code you enter on the keypad; it turns on more memory.

We provide you with clear step by step instructions on exactly how to do this.
You may also CALL US and we will walk you through it.