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HP Telephone Modem
MD-500 internal modem

Adds an internal modem to the Hand Punch device, allowing you to "call in" for the punches. We install this in our shop and test before shipping

Retail Price: $445.00
Our Price: $395.00

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DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 263 Telephone Modem/Line Sharing DeviceLine Sharing Switch$179.00
Click 154 HP1000 KeyUniversal Hand Punch Key$12.00


MD500 Hand Punch Internal Modem
Fits HP1000, HP2000, HP3000, and HP4000

This is a modular card which is normally pre-installed before you get the machine.

We can install this for you, or you may be able to do yourself.  Normally we install it for you, then ship the entire unit, tested and ready to go.

If you are ambitious: The back of the HP unit is removed with two screws, inside there are 4 more, and a couple of cables.  Once you remove all these, the card simply plugs right in to place.  You then reassemble the unit, and when it powers back up, it is ready to go. 

Comes with complete instructions.
We make this easier than anyone else

Icon  Time Systems using TimeVue or TimeSource software
This goes in the Dialup String, when you set it up:
If you are using a line sharing device, you then add two comma's then the modem information.
Summary Example:
MODEM:AT&F0:9,,5551212,,#22,,#22,#22,#22 - depending on the line sharing device you use, of course.