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Widmer 776
Widmer 776 Date and Numbering

Widmer 776 Date and numbering document stamping machine.

Retail Price: $1,485.00
Our Price: $1,295.00
Widmer 776

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 242 Lower Die PlateEngraved brass, below the time/date$84.00
Click 72 Upper Die PlateEngraved brass, above the time/date$84.00
Click 122 Rapidprint C724 Ribbon (12)Rapidprint C724 Ribbon One Dozen$144.00


Rapidprint C-724 is for high volume use (100 documents a day)   1625.00
Widmer 776 is for light-use (under 50 documents a day)  1295.00


Both these machines are special-order and not returnable.
Both these machines have a one year manufacturer's warranty, FOB manufacturer.

Widmer 776:  Prints 2024 FEB21 1127A          123456
Or the reverse:  123456        2024 FEB21 1127A
Order it the way you need it.
Plus, you can have die plates above and below both the date, and the numbering stamp
Additional numbers can be added, as can an extended trigger (closer to the top of the document), and a 1-step numbering stop.  I.E. print the same number 2x in a row.
Call us before ordering this machine, we will make sure you get the correct setup

Widmer 776 has two printing heads which allows for numerous combinations of time, numbering, and dating.  Each print head can have up to 11 printwheels for a combined total of 22 wheels>
Works with documents from letter size to large documents
Stamp pressure, printing location, can be adjusted.
Tamper-proof key lock allows only authorized personnel to change settings
An optional digital time display clock can be added - only at the factory, not later
The sensitive trigger can be activated by even light weight paper, instantly.
Long Life reversing ribbon is also the easiest to change mechanism - easier than Rapidprint's design.
Shares die plates motors, and ribbons with Rapidprint. The rest-springs, gears, frame, all other parts, are different.


Weight:  31lbs installed, 34lbs shipping
7.5"H x 7"W x 10.5" D   Power:  115V, 60Hz (standard USA power)
One Year Factory Guarantee


Indica plates are the same as on the T-3, can be positioned above and below the date-time section, and above/below the numbering stamp
Military time (0-23 hours) or standard hours and minutes

Military hours 0-23            $ 141
Tenths (.1  .2   .3)                  125
Hundreth's (.25  .50  .75)    $ 123
LED Time Display                    45
Six-sided word cylinder          196
Additional number wheel          69
Duplicate switch                      120
Repeat Swithch                       125
Extensino Trigger                       52