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Netbell NTG-08 All-In-One

Linortek Netbell NTG-08 TCP/IP all-in-one 8" loudspeaker, multi-tone generator. Web Based bell scheduler for schools and factories. Sounds break time alarm. Made in USA.

Retail Price: $851.00
Our Price: $809.00

Linortek NTG-08 Tone Generator with amplifier and 8" loudspeaker

The Netbell NTG-08 is a specially designed device for customers who are looking for different sounds for different events to product timed triggered alerts to signal start tmes, breaks, lunches, and other timed alert applications.

Applications: Factories, schools, logistics/truck terminals, warehouses, and other industrial facilities.
This is an all-in-one system that features a high quality 8 inch superior sound loudspeaker (92dB at 10', volume adjustable) - which is not as loud as 96 to 115dB bells and buzzers
Covers up to 20,000 sqare foot areas, and a completely wired web-based tone generator with bell scheduler
All installed in a compact durable enclosure.  You will have everything to setup and schedule custom sounds for your timed alert system.

NetBell Software Screenshot



You need a network connection and a 110V outlet where this device goes.
If you cannot run a cable to the speaker/controller, you can program it elsewhere and then install it where you need it.
To make changes, you have to connect it to your network, then change the schedule, tones, etc.

Multi-clock, large network software (available if needed)
You contact the equipment through your network.  The software is embedded in the device's controller.
Once set up, you will only have to visit it rarely, if ever.  It is extremely well thought-out & easy to learn.     

Key Features

2-way full range with room-filling speaker, tone/message generating, event scheduling hardware and software in one compact durable enclusure. No additional software of designated computer required

It can be used as either a network or a standalone device, program the schedule from a web browser remotely.  Centralized tone selection, with master volume control.  Up to 500 event schedules, 40 standard tones are built-in. You can add over 10 hours of pre-recorded custom tones and voice messages. 16 tones can be activated based on schedule for different events

Built-in real-time clock with changeable NTP automatic internet time setting. Automatic DST time and leap year correction, or pull the time from your own NTP server

Plug & play solution. You only need to plug it in to the AC outlet and network switch. Control and schedule remotely over the network, eliminating the need for wiring and separate control system

Each Netbell device is a web SERVER. It's an independent system which includes its own hardware and software. You can add more units as your business grows without significant infrastructure changes.