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HP1000 RS232/USB
HP1000 with CompuTime101 software

50 employee HandPunch biometric time clock with CompuTime 101 25 employee software, easily upgradable to 500 employees, scheduling, and more

Our Price: $985.00
biometric clock

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DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 531 CompuTime 100 employee upgradeCompuTime 25 to 100 employee upgrade$135.00
Click 530 CompuTime 25 employee upgradeComputime 25 to 50 employee upgrade$50.00
Click 165 HP1000 user upgradeHP1000 50 to 100 employees$225.00


Stop “Buddy Punching” with the Hand Punch 1000

  •     The initial package is for 25 employees, it upgrades to 
         50, then 100, then to 500

  •      Enter your 3 or 4 digit ID number, put your hand on the platform, the
         lasers instantly identify your hand, matching it to the 3D image stored
         in the HandPunch memory.
  •      Does weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly (1st & 15th), 
         and monthly pay cycles
  •      Organizes employees by department, great for labor cost analysis
  •      Calculates 2 levels of overtime - one daily, and one weekly
  •      Pays to the minute
  •      Set up automatic lunch deductions by department, if they 
         cannot punch out for it.
  •      Includes 50' Serial cable, can be adapted to run on Ethernet
        with available adapters.
Daily and weekly OT calculation
    User customizable - Agriculture may have this feature turned off.
Pay benefit hours such as Sick, Vacation, Personal, etc.

Includes Auto-poll - downloads punches when you need them, automatically.
Automatic Data Backup

Multi-clock ready (sign IN on one, Out at another)
Custom report generator filters reports by deparment, employee, clock site, more.

Exports include Quickbooks, Paychex, ADP, and more.

90 days software support is included.  Two year Hand Punch Guarantee.

This CompuTime Software for 25 employees is included

Downloadable Brochures, Demo Software, Sample Reports, Screen Shots

Employee List/Roster              Basic Reports
Time Cards                              Punch Preview
Employee Time Sheets
Department Summary              Department Detail
Who's IN/OUT                          Missing Punches
Benefit Hours                           Days Worked Detail
Who's Late                               Days Worked Summary

* Requires Pro upgrade:
Who's Early/Late Rules*          Who's Early/Late Summary*
Shift Setup*                          

   * Some features require Pro upgrade

                              Click to download the trial software