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Icon One Year Software Support
Icon Technical Support Contract

Comprehensive technical support for one year direct from Icon's (USA) technical support team.

Our Price: $199.00
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Click 170 Icon additional terminal supportIcon Support Plus$199.00


Caring, Energetic, Seasoned Professionals:
ICON Factory Software Support*

Basic factory technical support is for 30 days
* Okay, these people don't work at Icon, we admit it.

Let's assume you have a complicated multi-location or multi-clock system:
Call Icon's software engineers as often as you like for one year
[The machine comes with a one year hardware warranty]

Consider this if you have the following:
Multi-clock installation, Over 30 employees, multiple users on one system, and/or u
sing the Full version of the software
What this does:
Provide direct contact with ICON's Portland, Oregon software support team for 12 months via a toll-free number, web interaction, and email.

All your technical issues within the scope of the Icon hardware and software will be addressed and resolved quickly.
Icon is open 7:30 - 4:30PM  M - F Pacific Standard Time
Multiple Clock Installation Note:
If you have more than one data collection terminal,
additional support is based on the number of terminals connected to the system software.
Icon determines support contract fees by the number of terminals, not by the number of employees or various upgrades and modules that you have.