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Detex Top Guard Plus Software
Detex TopGuard Plus Upgrade

DETEX comprehensive TopGuard Plus Software. Ships direct from Detex on a USB memory stick. The stick has a chip. It's not a download.

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TopGuard Plus Software

Create reports by Tour name, Incident, Guard, Station, and more

TopGuard Patrol                            TopGuard Patrol PLUS
Basic Reporting                           More Complex Reporting
One Comprehensive Report          8 Report Formats
Up to 16 user definiable tours      Up to 250 tours
1,750 control points                    7,500 control points
White Page                                 JPG and BMP, tour mapping
Multiple Password Protection        Multiple Password Protection
English, Spanish Format              English, Spanish Format

This is for much more complex reporting requirements and greater accountablility

TopGuard Patrol Plus is an innovative new upgrade to the well-proven and widely-used WinArgus software, and includes additional features, such as
the ability to create images of maps of tours using imported JPG or BMP graphic images

It includes 8 different report formats and allows up to 7500 data media (magnetic data strips, RFID tags or optical bar codes) to be programmed as incidents, personnel, breaks or control points in up to 350 programmed tours

TopGuard Patrol PLUS cmes with and requires a copy protection plug (dongle) in order to operate.

Password Protection: 
Each time TopGuard Patrol is started, the password is requested. 
You may long in as the administrator or a user, as required.
This prevents unauthorized access to mster files and configuration of data acquisition units.  |
The downloaded data is also protected by a CRC checksum to prevent maniuplation.

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