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Employee Time Clocks, Scheduling Timers, Master Clocks and Watchman Clocks  
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      Biometric Clocks                       Computerized                   WiFi and Web Hosted             Punch Clocks


    Calculating Clocks                   Date/Time Stamps                Watchman Clocks                     Biometric  
        Self Totaling
                        Sales and Repairs                  Amano, Detex                      Hand Punch


   Returns/Open Box             WorkShift Timers, Bells                Construction Clocks         Time Cards, Ribbons
      Special Offers                Digital Clocks, Buzzers                  Remote Location           Motors, Keys, Parts  

We are different: We have actually installed many of the systems that we sell.
On-site service was our claim to fame for the first twenty years. 
Unlike many other online resellers, we are not selling out of catalogs - or an apartment.
We stock nearly every item that is on this website, along with parts and manuals. 
We have the hands-on experience and industry contacts that you need.

Check out our Better Business Bureau and DUNS ratings. Check out our reputation.
Check our Google Map location, see our building. Call us and test us. Stop in at our office!
Odds are that we will have what you need - on the shelf.
We have active customers in every state, and nearly every city in the USA and Canada, Hawaii, and more.

Excellent service is what we are about.  We hold ourselves to a higher standard.
Try us. You will see the difference working with professionals can make.