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Sorry, out of production. However, software upgrades are STILL available!

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Icon Prox TimeVue System

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 118 Icon Proximity Badges - 2525 Reusable Prox Badges$50.00
Click 115 Surge ProtectorComputer Surge Protector$15.00
Click 146 Icon Proximity Badges - 1010 Reusable Prox Badges$30.00
Click 164 Icon Software 100 employee upgradeUpgrade to 100 employees$125.00
Click 139 Icon Major Upgrade: TVLite > TVFull 100 employeesTimeVue Lite Upgrade to Full$295.00
Click 120 Icon Multiple User 5 Network Option5 User Network License.$295.00
Click 238 Icon AutoPoll ModuleAutomatically "Get Punches"$125.00
Click 124 Large Badge RackBadge Rack - 40 Badges$31.00
Click 203 Serial to USB convertorSerial to USB convertor$29.00
Click 112 Icon ModemIcon Internal Clock Modem$135.00
Click 116 One Year Technical SupportFTC Technical Support$125.00
Click 138 Icon One Year Software SupportIcon Technical Support Contract$150.00
Click 162 Icon 100' supercableIcon RS232 extended cable$100.00


Icon PIN Entry Network Time Clock System
This price Includes 30 days technical support and 1 year terminal guarantee
We know the software, the hardware, how to set it up, how to run it.

   Video:  --->>     Icon PIN Video.jpg

Exports to: QuickBooks,  Excel, Paychex, ADP, and more
Very easy to use software, and it's very comprehensive

Click on any of the lines below to see many different reports:
You can save them, you can email them to others, and you can also talk to us.

TVL Control Panel                                TVL TC Rules: Bi-Weekly
TVL Employee Time Card                      TVL TC Rules: Semi-Monthly
Department List                                    Department Report 
Employee Punch Detail

Tardy Report Setup                                Tardy Report    
Exception Report                                    Who's In
Employee Punch List                             Payroll Exports

Fast 30 minute set-up, then 1 minute per employee.
We make it simple!  Call us for technical support, or call Icon.
Runs on All Windows operating systems - From Xp to Windows 8
Connects directly to your Windows PC with the included 30' USB cable
Includes 25 reuseable Proximity cards.  Special offer, expires March 31st!

50 employees, each with their own unique PIN number
Expands to 100, 250, and unlimited
Easily build long-range reports
Includes up to 31 Departments
Tip and Piece counting
List and report Job Numbers, paid Holidays

Report employees hours, right at the clock
Allows for multiple pays/job transfers, at the clock
Send employee messages to the clock
Secure data: Holds data for a month between downloads
Password protected program
Backs up locally, or on to your server
Adjusts for daylight savings, keeps track of time even when off

Computer is only needed to add employees and get punch records

What you need:
OS:  Windows XP SP2 through current Windows 7 - 32 or 64bit
500MB free space on hard drive, shrinks to 200 after installation.
Ram: 512 minimum, although it runs much better with 1GB 
Internet connection - or telephone - to register and activate the software

In The Box:
Icon Terminal with mounting plate and locking key
Power supply - like a phone charger, 30' USB cable - can extend to 46' with adaptor
TimeVue software, owners manual with (800) USA support number
25 Icon Proximity Card Badges