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Icon Remote Time Clock 1000
Icon RTC1000 V2.5

50 employees, upgrades to 250. Web enabled. Includes 15 badges, or use custom ID numbers. Departments, and more.

Our Price: $389.00
RTC1000 V2.5

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Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 330 Icon One Year Factory Software SupportIcon One Year Factory Software Support$150.00
Click 331 Icon One Year Factory Software SupportIcon Tech Support, 2nd clock and higher$90.00
Click 118 Icon Proximity Badges - 2525 Reusable Prox Badges$50.00
Click 115 Surge ProtectorComputer Surge Protector$15.00
Click 124 Badge RackBadge Rack - 40 Badges$31.00
Click 324 Icon upgrade from 100 to 250 employeesIcon RTC/TotalPass 100 to 250 upgrade$224.00
Click 325 RTC1000 Mobility Pack - Emails you!RTC1000 Mobility Pack Module$125.00
Click 327 Advamced Rules and BenefitsAdvanced Rules and Benefits$125.00
Click 328 5 Web Punch ModulesIcon Web Punch Clock$99.00


 Icon RTC1000 Office and Remote Location Time Clock with 50 employee software

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  • 50 employee system, upgrades to 250
  • Reports by individual Employees, and by Departments
  • Prints time cards, saves them in Word and .PDF formats
  • Advanced QuickBooks Export, also Paychex, ADP, and .CSV
  • Unlimited number of supervisor accesses
  • Includes 5 SmartPhone and PC WEB-PUNCH modules!
  • Reports by Department
  • Real-time data viewing
  • Paid Break Tracking.
  • List Paid Holidays, and export them to your payroll provider
  • No software to load on your PC - it's built-in to the terminal
  • Supports ALL Pay Periods
  • Keypad or Proximity-Badge Entry - selectable by individual.

Universal Operating System Time Clock, Apple time clock, Windows Time Clock Overview

  • Plug & Play Simplicity: No software to install, setup or maintain
  • Multiple Entry options: Keypad (PIN), proximity badge
    or optional Web Punch employee entry
  • Transfer departments at the clock
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: Ethernet, USB, or Internet connection. All-in-one clock
  • Multi-Clock Connectivity:  Control your offices over the web!
    Connect up to 16 time clocks over the Network or Internet
    Know who is IN, at a remote location, in moments.
  • Intuitive: Web browser based software means it's easy to use and learn (Internet not required for local usage)
  • Convenient: Automatically alerts the manager of overtime,
    high/low hours and more!
  • Universal Compatibility: Works with all operating systems,
    PC (Windows 3.1
    through Win8 and newer), Linux and even Mac!
  • Secure: Stand-alone unit does not require constant PC or Network
    connection. All data is saved on the clock in case of PC or server crash.
  • Save backups to a flash drive for extra security.
  • Easily construct long-term custom reports

All Icon computer clock terminals are remotely upgradeable.
They use an innovative “flash” technology which can rewrite the internal firmware.

What this means to you:
As the years go on, you normally have to throw away equipment - computers, time clocks, hard drives, hardware, etc.  Icon can electronically 'rewire' the terminal for new technology.

For example: If a new daylight savings protocol (like the old one that worked better) is enacted, your machine could be reprogrammed to handle it, you would not need a new chip, or a new machine.
If a completely new operating system is released, the machine could be flashed, and not need to be replaced.
Three years ago Icon upgraded the RTC1000's from Version 1 to Version 2, by downloading an improved, faster, more feature loaded program.  In 2014, Icon released another free update, more features, and once again, a faster system.

Other manufacturer's require you to buy new equipment every few years.
Not the RTC1000.  Icon is Future-Proofed.